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Monica_head2_72-smlMy name is Monica Muehsam and I am the original thirsty gal.  I’m sure there have been thousands upon thousands of thirsty gals since the dawn of time, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one using it as the name for my blog. Way back in the dark ages during my college years I was a bartender and waitress, and ever since then, crafting delicious cocktails has been a passion of mine. Of course there were many years when I was a bar-hopping fool and didn’t do much drinking at home. But when I got hitched and had my first child, all within one year, it suddenly became easier and more practical (and oh so imperative) to drink at home. My husband and I were not big on babysitters and all of our family was back East, so we adjusted and started enjoying our cocktails on our patio in Chatsworth, California. As much as we craved nights out alone or with friends, more often than not we found ourselves knee-deep in diapers and sippy cups. We still had (and still have) an active social life, and our friends liked coming to our barbeques, I’d like to think in part due to my delicious adult beverages. AND we’ve managed to save scads of money thanks to drinking at home- always a good thing.

Besides being a semi-professional bartender and having a job in the legal field, I somehow also found time to do a little writing over the years. I wrote a column for my local paper called Planet Parenthood, and wrote about parenting and family issues for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Chester County Life and Through Your Doors magazines. Did I mention that I was in the legal field? I’ve also penned a few articles for Legal Assistant Today magazine.

My husband and best pal, Dave, is the real creative genius of the family. He is a video editor by trade and has a degree in photography. He is the official Thirsty Gal website guru and photographer. He’s alright.

I started this blog when I realized that I know lots of women who would love to enjoy well-crafted cocktails at home, but since they have no idea how to create them, end up drinking wine instead. They then order their mojitos and martinis when they go out and pay WAY too much for them. The recipes in the Thirsty Gals blog are free of fancy ingredients like mango puree or cinnamon syrup. You don’t have the time or energy to search for drink supplies from that specialty gourmet shop three towns over. The recipes here are easy to follow and most contain five ingredients or less. With all of your many obligations, wouldn’t you prefer a nice boozy cocktail instead of that same old glass of chardonnay after a long day? Thirsty Gals offers an easy to follow and entertaining way to help you craft delicious, refreshing cocktails for any number of occasions.

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