Raspberry Rum Limeade

Usually when one goes on vacation, especially when she visits old friends with whom there is a history of knocking back a cocktail or two during said visit, the creation … Continue Reading →


Pomegranate Mango Daiquiri

Of all the factors that can determine the trajectory of your life, your neighbors rank right up there at the top of the list.  A good neighbor can become your … Continue Reading →


The Cinco de Mayo Paloma

Truth be told, I am not a huge tequila fan.   As much as I love a good Margarita, tequila has never been my go-to liquor.  If you’re anything like … Continue Reading →


The Hemingway Daiquiri

During my college years, back when my friends and I had the time and the inclination to discuss and debate everything under the sun, there were lots of idle days … Continue Reading →


Texas Bluebonnet

I have not been to Texas in forever and a day.  I spent a weekend in Houston back in the early ‘90s; I also drove my Suzuki Samurai through the … Continue Reading →


March Madness Mai Tai

Maybe a Mai Tai isn’t the first drink that comes to mind in March, unless you’re reading this post on Spring Break in Florida, Hawaii, or any of the other … Continue Reading →


The Red Carpet Burn

I’m just going to put this out there. I love the Oscars. I love everything about them, from the over-the-top opening number to the announcement of Best Picture, which is … Continue Reading →


Make it a Super Sangria Sunday

A couple days ago I shared a recipe for a light sweet cocktail to get you through those many hours of Super Bowl Sunday, the Turf Runner.  Then I started … Continue Reading →

SB50 Turf-runner

Super Bowl Turf Runner

Anyone who knows me even just a little knows how much I hate to cook.  Some nights as I drive home from work I have a tiny panic attack when … Continue Reading →


2,000 Flushes vs. Jack Frost

A few days ago I wrote about my very first Thirsty Gals cocktail tasting event. Today I want to tell you about one drink from that party that succeeded and … Continue Reading →