Strawberry Daquari

Strawberry Collins

Anyone with a working knowledge of the differences between men and women knows that when it comes to alcoholic beverages, there can be quite a gender gap.  Women fancy a … Continue Reading →


Raspberry Rum Limeade

Usually when one goes on vacation, especially when she visits old friends with whom there is a history of knocking back a cocktail or two during said visit, the creation … Continue Reading →


Five Summer Cocktails with Only Three Ingredients

Ahhh, summertime…. the word alone conjures up images of lazy afternoons at the beach or lounging in your porch swing with a trashy novel.  But many of us, myself included, … Continue Reading →


Orange Crush

We had a yard sale last weekend.  We called it a yard sale even though it was in our barn.  It’s pretty risky to hold a yard sale in May … Continue Reading →


The Hemingway Daiquiri

During my college years, back when my friends and I had the time and the inclination to discuss and debate everything under the sun, there were lots of idle days … Continue Reading →


A Few Fruity Concoctions

You are in luck- I have not one, not two, but three drink recipes to share with you this week.  There are just so many good cocktail ideas out there, … Continue Reading →


Texas Bluebonnet

I have not been to Texas in forever and a day.  I spent a weekend in Houston back in the early ‘90s; I also drove my Suzuki Samurai through the … Continue Reading →

Margarita rocks

My Favorite Margarita

Margaritas are the go-to drink for many a Thirsty Gal.  There are probably as many recipes for the most popular cocktail on this or any other planet as there are … Continue Reading →


Mojitos- Enjoying a new drink with an old friend

Several years ago my best pal Susie traveled from Ohio to my home in Chester County, Pennsylvania so that we could take part in an organized bike ride, the Delaware … Continue Reading →