Frozen Mango Margarita

Frozen Mango Margarita

Now that the final weekend of the summer is approaching, I have to tell you about an old recipe that I made in my single days living in the Belmont … Continue Reading →

Second Time Around Raspberry Mojito

Life is always more fulfilling when there are wonderful events to celebrate, and I got to be part of a very special life event this past weekend. My lifelong friend … Continue Reading →

Sweet Peach Tea

Sweet Peach Tea

Anyone who’s read any of my drink recipes (Anyone…? Anyone…?) knows that I like my cocktails STRONG. And seeing as you’ve probably guessed that I was at my prime bar-hopping … Continue Reading →

The Gross Anatomy

Gross Anatomy

It’s that time of year again, folks.  I am emerging from semi-retirement at long last to bring to you a cocktail recipe that I think you will really enjoy.  And … Continue Reading →

The Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

Although my husband may disagree with me, I tend to try not to exaggerate.  There is way too much hyperbole in our world (not to mention the extreme and usually … Continue Reading →

The Cherry Lime-Tini

Cherry Lime-Tini

Perhaps you had given up hope that you would ever receive another fabulous cocktail recipe from ThirstyGals Corner.  Fear not, I have returned!  It wasn’t that I had stopped trying … Continue Reading →

The Grapefruit-tini

Oscar Night Grapefruit-tini

This has been a week of almosts.  I saw almost all of the Oscar-nominated movies this year (eight out of nine of them!).  And I almost posted a blog with … Continue Reading →

The Melon Chiller

The Melon Chiller

We all have a tendency to berate ourselves from time to time, and I am no exception.  I figure if I cut myself down, I will beat someone else to … Continue Reading →

Citrus Melon Martini

Citrus Melon Martini

Anyone looking for Thanksgiving cocktail ideas on the internet has certainly seen her share of apple cider martinis, pumpkin spice martinis, and/or drinks with ingredients like cinnamon sticks, fresh thyme … Continue Reading →

Classic Cosmopolitan

Michelle’s Classic Cosmopolitan

For reasons too mundane to mention, I have been very unmotivated and apathetic recently.  In the midst of so many horrific tragedies over the past month, I am not going … Continue Reading →