Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz

Although my husband may disagree with me, I tend to try not to exaggerate.  There is way too much hyperbole in our world (not to mention the extreme and usually incorrect use of the term “literally.”)  But I must tell you, I recently returned home from my BEST VACATION EVER.  Ever.  My entire life (and that’s a lot of years) I have never ever experienced the wondrous sights, adventures, food and drink that I experienced those amazing two weeks.

I wanted to wait a bit before writing about the trip, thinking that with a little distance from it, I would use less adjectives for the word “fantastic.”  We’ve been back for about ten days, though, and I can’t help but revel in my memories of that fabulous holiday.  I don’t know if that post-vacation glow will ever wear off.  I really hope it never does.

We were graciously invited to celebrate the birthday of one of our dear friends.  Destination: the coast of Croatia.

Croatia was not a place I had heard or seen much about prior to going there.  But it was such a magical place, on par with Italy or Greece: very southern Mediterranean with magnificent architecture, a robust history and incredible green-blue water surrounding its many lovely islands.  Not to mention several sights used in the filming of Game of Thrones, which I may have to watch now.

But you aren’t reading this blog post for suggestions for your next vacation- you want to know what alcoholic beverages we enjoyed there!

Let me just say that this group of nine friends that we were with the first week of our trip- they know how to party.  So I knew I had to be prepared with a cocktail that was popular in the region and that we all could enjoy.  I did my research and asked a few people and -voila!- I discovered the Aperol Spritz.  Aperol is a bitter orange liqueur with a very distinct flavor, with which the Prosecco in the cocktail blends well.  The night before our flight, I bought the ingredients and made a couple Aperol Spritzes at home.  I was delighted with the flavor and the fact that it wasn’t a particularly heavy or strong drink.  The fact that there were only three ingredients was also nice, it would be easy for me to whip up a batch or four.

Maya, our delightful hostess

Maya, our delightful hostess

Then I found out that I needn’t have worried about playing bartender on this trip.  We had our very own personal hostess on the boat.

Boat, you say?  I guess I forgot to mention that the first week, the nine of us were treated to a 7-night cruise traversing around Croatia’s islands in the Adriatic Sea.  Our very generous friends had chartered a yacht with a six-person crew!  We were spoiled rotten by Maya, our hostess, and by Chef, who prepared three meals a day of the most incredible food I have ever eaten.  Our toughest decisions that week were whether to go swimming before or after breakfast, and were we drinking red or white wine with lunch.

As I say, it was the most magnificent vacation EVER.  And now whenever any of the nine of us drinks an Aperol Spritz, we will be transported to that wondrous time where we enjoyed so many of them together.

Because regardless of all the wonderful things about the trip, especially those during the first week on the yacht, the absolute BEST thing about it was being able to enjoy it with the greatest friends.

Here’s the recipe-
1 1/2 ounces Aperol
3-4 ounces Prosecco
Splash mineral water
Fill a tall glass with ice, then add the ingredients in order.  Add an orange wheel and enjoy.  As they say in Croatia- živjeli!! (pronounced Zheev-yelli)  Cheers!
Enjoying our Aperol Spritzes!

Enjoying our Aperol Spritzes!

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