Oscar’s Red Carpet Martini

Well, well, young lovers- here I am to give to you a wonderfully sweet, red Valentine’s Day cocktail.  What’s that you say?  Valentine’s Day was last week?

Oscar's Red Carpet Martini

Oscar’s Red Carpet Martini

Hmmm, what the heck happened?  My memory of that day- nay, that WEEK, is so fuzzy…..ah yes, it’s called the flu.  I was knocked out, walloped, had my ass kicked, by the most insidious, wicked illness that I can ever recall experiencing.  I’m actually still recovering.

It hit me the day before Valentine’s Day.  I had a drink recipe all ready for you to help you celebrate that special day with your special someone.  And then, the day before- BLAM!  I felt so awful I told my husband I wished I was dead (he helpfully brought over a pillow in case I asked him to smother me with it).  I went back to work on Wednesday, because I am NEVER, ever sick for more than two days, and I had to leave after three hours.  Aside from that valiant effort, I was home sick for the entire week.  And when this past Monday rolled around I was none to anxious to come in, if only because I was still operating at about 50%.

But every day I am feeling better, and the end is in sight.  I went back to the gym and can almost keep up with my former pace.  I even had a cocktail the other night and I didn’t feel like passing out.  So I’ve decided I would repackage my Valentine’s Day cocktail for Oscar night, which you all know is this Sunday, the 26th.

Instead of the Valentine’s Day martini, I’m calling it Oscar’s Red Carpet Martini- not to be confused with last year’s drink, the Red Carpet Burn (and hopefully I’m not infringing on anyone’s trademark- I know the Academy is very touchy about those things).  It’s a delightful combination of white rum, fresh lime juice and grenadine for sweetness and a lovely hue.

Here’s the recipe-

Oscar’s Red Carpet Martini

2 ounces Bacardi white rum

Juice of one lime

¾ ounce Grenadine

Pour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously.  Strain into a martini glass, garnish with a cherry or lime wedge, and enjoy!

Celebrate Valentine's Day, Oscar Night, or just feeling healthy

Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Oscar Night, or just feeling healthy

Although it may look a bit like cough syrup, there is enough lime here that it definitely doesn’t taste like medicine.  Pure and simple, and RED!  So whether you’re a hopeless romantic and are still celebrating Valentine’s Day, or you are in need of a special Oscar night cocktail, the Oscar’s Red Carpet Martini will do the trick!

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