Classic Rum Runner

Last week I promised you another colorful cocktail to brighten up the January landscape.  I believe I mentioned that the drink would be so red it would make fire trucks look bland.  Behold the Classic Rum Runner!

The Classic Rum Runner

The Classic Rum Runner

So it’s not as bright red as I (or probably you) imagined it would be.  That’s because the main ingredient is spiced rum, which is brown, and there’s some blackberry brandy in it, which adds a purplish hue.  When the grenadine is added, the redness kind of gets lost in the mix.  Luckily you can always add more of this bright red syrup if you need more color in your life right now (or if you like your drinks on the  sweeter side).

Read the list of ingredients in this cocktail and you may think that  they wouldn’t combine to make something that tastes so good.  Spiced rum, blackberry and banana liqueurs, you say?  Plus lime juice?  Wacky!  But trust me, this is a tasty fusion of rich spiced rum and fruity liqueurs.  The lime lends a nice citrus addition and the grenadine sweetens it up.

The Rum Runner is sometimes confused with the Mai Tai, but aside from the fact that they are both fun cocktails to enjoy on your Caribbean vacation (and they both contain various kinds of rum- duh), they are markedly different drinks.  There are several varieties of the Rum Runner, but this one is the “classic” version.  If you want something a little less strong or a little more tropical, add some orange and/or pineapple juice.

Here’s the recipe-

The Classic Rum Runner

Umbrella Drinks are on the Horizon!

Umbrella drinks are on the horizon!

1 ½ ounce spiced rum (I used Kraken)

1 ounce blackberry brandy

1 ounce banana liqueur

Juice of one large lime

Splash grenadine

Pour all ingredients in order into a glass filled with ice.  Garnish with a pineapple or lime, and add an umbrella if you’re feeling festive.  Enjoy!!


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