My Favorite Margarita

my_fav_margie-smlMargaritas are the go-to drink for many a Thirsty Gal.  There are probably as many recipes for the most popular cocktail on this or any other planet as there are for chili.  And like chili, many Margaritas are created by mixologists who claim their recipe is the most unique.  So why not add another entry into the blogosphere?  I am throwing my sombrero into the ring.

You may be tempted to buy a bottle of the pre-made Margarita mix in your haste to get to your son’s ball game home- but once you master this recipe, you’ll never buy that mix again.  Unless you’re desperate, and then I forgive you.

Besides the overabundance of recipes out there, we drinkers are aware of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tequila brands from which to choose.  I am not a tequila connoisseur, but I’ve tried more than a few, and I know what I like, what I can withstand and what I will spit out (such as anything that comes from a bottle with a worm in it).  For me, Hornitos Reposado is the best there is- I hope you’ll agree.

My favorite margarita

My favorite margarita, no blender necessary

Give this a try-

3 oz Hornitos Reposado tequila

3/4  oz triple sec (Grand Marnier is a better choice if you have it, but plain ole triple sec will do in a pinch)

3 oz Jose Cuervo Classic Lime Light Margarita mix (the non-alcoholic version)

Juice of a fresh lime wedge

splash of orange juice

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and squeeze the lime in.  Shake vigorously then pour into a salt rimmed glass (or strain into a martini glass if you prefer no ice).  Squeeze more lime juice from that fresh lime wedge and plop it in your drink.

The Cuervo light mix literally has no calories and is much less sugary than the standard Jose Cuervo Margarita mix.  It helps to keep the drink from being too sweet, and combined with the fresh lime juice, creates a fresh, tangy cocktail.  A big shout out to my old New York roommate Robyn, the best bartender TGIFriday’s ever had, for filling me in on the secret ingredient, orange juice.  Even though it’s citrus, orange juice somehow smoothes out the flavor of the drink.

I think you will find that this is the most unique Margarita recipe out there!  It’s MY favorite, anyway.  Let me know how yours turns out.


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