Super Bowl Turf Runner

Super Bowl Turf Runner

Super Bowl Turf Runner

Anyone who knows me even just a little knows how much I hate to cook.  Some nights as I drive home from work I have a tiny panic attack when I think about having to prepare some kind of meal after working all day and dealing with my commute.  In my opinion no one should have to subject herself to such torture after an exhausting workday.  But maybe it’s just me- I have heard that some people actually enjoy cooking, and making meals from scratch!  Who ARE these wackos?!  Just thinking about that obligation makes me want to take a nap.

But when I think about mixing up cocktails, especially after a long workday, I can’t help but smile.  I can conjure up any number of recipes in my head on that same drive home.  I am obviously a bartender and not a cook at heart.


Super San Fran 50

So it’s no wonder that when many people are planning menus for their Super Bowl parties, I am the person who thinks about what cocktail would be best for the event instead of whether to make chicken wings or seven layer dip.  If I offer to bring food, it will most likely be something purchased from Buffalo Wild Wings or Costco.  The cocktails?  They will be made from scratch!  Of course, we Thirsty Gals like to keep things simple, so even a “from scratch” recipe will be easy-breezy.

When you plan a drink for a sporting event like the Super Bowl, you have to come up with something that will take you through the many hours of pre-game hype, as well as those four quarters of the actual game.  Or at least through the halftime show, after which you might want to switch to water, especially if you have any distance to drive.  The drink I came up with is called the Turf Runner- a green concoction that is light, sweet and delicious.  No need for a heavy pour of alcohol this Sunday, you need to keep your wits about you so you don’t get screwed on the betting pool.

Here you go-

 Turf Runner

 1 oz. Midori melon liqueur

1 oz vodka

4-5 oz white cranberry peach juice

Pour all ingredients into a glass filled with ice.  Garnish with a lime or a peach slice, and add some mint leaves if you have them.

Sure, you could drink beer, but that is just so cliché.  Have a couple of these and enjoy someone else’s cooking for the day.


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