Mojitos- Enjoying a new drink with an old friend

Susie and me

Refreshing Mojito

Refreshing Mojito

Several years ago my best pal Susie traveled from Ohio to my home in Chester County, Pennsylvania so that we could take part in an organized bike ride, the Delaware Double Cross Metric Century.  Susie and I have known each other since she was three and I was five.  The day my family moved into the house next to hers, Susie’s mom had her ask me if I would like a popsicle, and the rest is history.  Here’s a picture of us from the 1970s on the day we were leaving to go to Greece.  It was my first trip outside of the country, so I got a cool new pantsuit for the flight.

Look out, Greece. Here we come.

Look out, Greece. Here we come.

Even though we didn’t go to the same grade school or high school (she went to public, I went to Catholic), we somehow managed to go to the same college, the University of South Florida in Tampa.  Here’s how we looked then-

Me and Susie

Me and Susie

 I obviously do not mind people making fun of me if I am showing you THAT picture.

 We are closer than ever all these decades later.  When my family moved from California back to the East Coast eleven years ago, it was easier to see each other more often.  My hometown of Wadsworth, Ohio is about a six hour drive from my Pennsylvania home, so we try to meet up at least once a year.  Most times a bike ride is part of the trip.  We have completed the two-day MS Pedal to the Point 150 mile ride in Ohio four times, and rode the Double Cross twice.

The year Susie and I rode the Double Cross, mojitos were the “IT” drink and of course I had to create my own version. Mojitos are known for being fairly labor intensive, but they don’t have to be. I buy Rose’s premade mojito mix, (available at my Walmart, lots of other retailers and of course on-line) which includes the simple syrup, lime and mint flavors.  Here’s my recipe-

 Thirsty Gal’s  Mojito-

2-3 oz light rum

1 oz coconut rum

3-4 oz Rose’s mojito mix

Lime juice

Club soda

Fresh mint leaves and lime (you must use fresh mint leaves, they are what makes this drink.  If you are able to, grow some of your own- they are very hardy and don’t take much nurturing.  Plus they smell divine.)

Fill a tall rocks glass with ice.  Shred mint leaves to release their aroma and put them on top of the ice.  Squeeze some fresh lime juice on top of the mint (I also add a little ReaLime lime juice for extra tang).  Then pour in the rums and mojito mix.  Top with about 2 ounces of club soda and squeeze in a fresh lime.

Susie took one sip and her taste buds came alive- a watershed moment if there ever was one.  She’s Greek, after all, and mint is a national treasure in that part of the world. But it’s not just the mint, it’s how well all of the ingredients just blend together so perfectly to create that brilliant combination of summertime flavors.  And when you live in Pennsylvania or Ohio, a mojito could be just the drink you need in January to evoke that summertime vibe.

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  • These mojitos sound fabulous. I love that there is a mix that makes them easier to make. (And speaking of fabulous – that pants suit is AWESOME!) It’s so nice that you and Susie are still such good friends after so many years.

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